Build A Blog In 5 Simple Steps

Hi, I'm Joe Zepernick. I've been blogging since 2007. Building a blog and branding it is probably one of the smartest things you can do for your home business.

I have seen many people sacrifice their content to big players like Facebook, Youtube and others without establishing a platform where they are in complete control.

You may ask why this is so important. Let's say for a minute you built an online empire on Youtube only. Everything is going wonderful for you until one day you woke up and find your account suspended.

Immediately you feel crushed and helpless. All your traffic and revenue just hit a brick wall and came to a complete stop.

You scramble to figure out why you were suspended and frantically try and contact Youtube only to find out you are a speck of dust to them.

All your hard work was completely evaporated at the hands of another company and you have no clue why. This COULD be you if you don't build your empire correctly.

I want to be clear, adding in syndication channels like Youtube and WordPress are a fantastic way of building your business and getting traffic back to your blog.

Don't keep your eggs in one basket. If you setup your business the right away it won't matter if one of your channels gets shut down.

You'll still have your content and life forges on. Now that you have a clear picture of why it's important to have a blog let's get you setup.

5 easy steps to get a blog up and running.

Tip #1 – You will need hosting. Again, there are many “free” online blogging platforms you can use but you will run into the same problems I just outlined.

These free platforms also monetize your content and run ads all over it. It will always be best to be in complete control of your blog.

You will want to signup for a new blog at BlueHost. This will be a great host to get started on while your business grows. Start with either the plus package or prime. This will allow you to host multiple websites with one host.

I cover this in my complete blueprint and show you how to build your blog from the ground up using BlueHost if you need further help setting things up in more detail.

Tip #2 – You can create an amazing online identity on the cheap. You can hire a graphics designer for only $5 to help you come up with a logo.

Fiverr is a great way to get started with a professional look on the cheap. You can also find graphics designers on Upwork.

They will design anything from logos, headers to your business cards.

Tip #3 – Use BlueHost to get your FREE domain when you signup for their hosting. You may want to register your name or think of a good name that would identify your brand. You can tie something in with your personality.

Tip #4 – Head over to ThemeForest and browse through their extensive selection of WordPress themes. They literally have tons of themes there. You will be tempted to use a free theme but I advise against doing this. Some of these theme creators can put a back door on your blog and Hijack it. You want to do it right out of the gate.

Tip #5 – Make sure you install essential WordPress plugins. I recommend installing Yoast SEO plugin

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