It’s Great To Meet You, I’m Joe Zepernick!

I am pumped up to let all of you in on my health and wealth journey. So you’ve seen all of the seven figure earners AFTER they’ve already made their success but have you seen somebody start from nothing to something? I want to take you on the most epic journey you’ve ever been on.

I will be posting all of my results each day for a historical record of my progress. At this point you’re probably wondering about my qualifications. At this point I’d show you my brand new Lambo, a jet with me in it or some crazy awesome pictures from all the vacations I take.

I promise you when I acquire the jet and Lambo you guys will be the first to see and get the update! What I’m really hoping for is for you to hop on this journey with me from day one. Watch me claw my way to the top with each day passing.

Not only do I think this information will be highly valuable to you as an Entrepreneur, I think you will also get value out of my healthy initiative. You know what they say, healthy minds make healthy grinds.

My background is simple. I come from an Affiliate Marketing background. I started affiliate marketing back in 2008 and quickly found success. I decided recently to switch my gears over to Network Marketing.

I am not bashing affiliate marketing one bit. This is a sound model but I find network marketing a better fit for my lifestyle goals. Network marketing offers the opportunity amazing residual income.

Apart from the money aspects of Network Marketing I authentically enjoy networking with fellow humans. It’s nice to talk to people and build relationships without solely focusing on just a sale.

All of my marketing skills I acquired from affiliate marketing have been ported to my own system which I have applied to network marketing and have already seen success!

My training will encompass mostly social media marketing but you will also see me touch base on other platforms like email and face to face prospecting. I hope you find my content inspirational and help to empower you to take action to find your own freedom.

Let’s get started!

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